How to change gradient color in photopea?

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To change gradient color in photopea, click on the rectangle tool and drag on the page, click on fill, choose the gradient and change the color, in which you want to use gradient color. It will change the gradient color.

Today, I am going to show you how I change gradient color in photopea.

Table of contents

  • New page.
  • New page create.
  • Select gradient tool.

Let’s start with the first step.

Step 1: New page.

Go to to start a free online photo editor. And create a new page.

Photopea, rectangle

Step 2: New page create.

Here we will create the new page, you go to file and click on new.

Photopea, new-page

Step 3: Select gradient tool.

Go to the toolbar and select the gradient-tool and click on your page.

Photopea, gradient

Select the rectangle tool and click on the page, drag the mouse.

Photopea, shape-gradian

Click on gradient and open gradient-editor change the color.

Photopea, gradient-editor

Click on gradient and change the color.

Photopea, change-color

From here we can change different colors.

Photopea, choose-next-color

Here change the gradient color.

Photopea, final-image

When you follow the above steps then it will change gradient color in photopea.

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