How to crop only one layer in photopea?

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To crop only one layer in photopea, right-click the layer and choose convert-to-smart-object and click on the crop tool. It will crop only one layer of the image.

Today, I am going to show you how I do crop only one layer in photopea.

There are two methods of cropping a single layer in photopea

Table of contents

  • Insert images.
  • Select the convert-to-smart-object.
  • Select the smart-object-open.
  • Choose the crop-tool.
  • Save smart object.

Let’s begin with our first method.

Method 1

Step 1: Insert image.

Open the photopea and Select photo, it will open a file browser or download folder you can select the image. And click open button.

Photopea, image

Step 2: Select the convert-to-smart-object.

First, select your layer that you want to crop and convert it into smart-object by right click on the selective layer and it will give you a list of options select convert to smart object or Now open the smart-object layer by double click on the layer.

Photopea, convert-to-smart-object

select your layer and then go to the layer from the menu select smart-object and then select convert to smart object.

Photopea, smart-object

Step 3: Select the smart-object-open.

or go-to layer from the menu bar and select smart-object a drop-down menu will appear then select open.

Photopea, smart-object-open

now it will open a separate project..

Photopea, background-psd

Step 4: Choose the crop-tool.

Now select crop tool from the toolbar or use shortcut press ‘c’ on your keyboard, now a grid will appear on your layer

Photopea, crop-tool

now select one of his points and resize to an area you want to crop or select your layer then draw a rectangle to an area you want to crop and then press enter.

Photopea, press-enter

Step 5: Save smart object.

Select the move tool and select file from the menu bar and then select save(smart-object) or press ‘v’ on your keyboard and then use shortcut press ‘ctrl+s’ on your keyboard and it will save changes that we just made inside the smart-object layer. Now go back to your main project and you will see that your layer is now cropped not the whole project.

Photopea, save-smart-object

Final image.

Photopea, final

Method 2

This method is very simple than the first one selects the rectangle selection or use the keyboard shortcut ‘M’ and hold left mouse click and draw to an area you want to crop and then.

Photopea, rectangle-select

Go to the bottom right corner of the interface and select the add raster mask icon.

Photopea, add-raster-mask

Now only that single layer is cropped that you selected earlier.

Photopea, final-1

When you follow the above steps then it will crop only one layer in photopea.

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