How can I enhance a photo for free through AI?

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To enhance a photo for free through AI, you can use AI Enhancer, AI Photo Enhancer Application it’s paid application but you can use free also when you watch ads on their application.

Note: If your photo is captured by any DSLR or apple camera then the free version will not make any sense.

I used this application and the result shocked me it really upscale photos in very good quality.

So today, I will guide you in this post to use AI Enhancer, AI Photo Enhancer Application to upscale your photo through AI.

Before Enhance Image

So, I have selected the below image to enhance through AI Enhancer, AI Photo Enhancer Application.

AI Photo Enhancer, Before Image

Step 1: Installation

First, go to the play store and search “AI Photo Enhancer” or click the below link to go to the Application play store page.

Download AI Photo Enhancer

After the download and installation of the application, you will see the application splash screen something like the below image.

AI Photo Enhancer, Splash

Step 2: Select Photo

After the splash screen, the application loads your gallery image, you have to select which image you want to enhance.

AI Photo Enhancer, Select Image

After the selection of the image, they will give two options.

  1. Pro Enhance
  2. Enhance

Go with the Enhance option if you want to enhance it in free.

In the Enhance option, you have to watch one ad video per photo enhancement.

Step 3: Before After Comparison

After the ad video completion, they will show you, your original image and enhance the image comparison screen with a saved image.

AI Photo Enhancer, Select Image

To save enhanced the image, you have to watch one more ad video.

AI Photo Enhancer, Select Image

After Enhance Image

Here, is our enhance image, and it looks so pretty in comparison to the before image.

AI Photo Enhancer, After Image

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