How to download and install react js in windows 10?

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To download and install react js in windows 10,

Today, I am going to show you, how to download and install react js in windows 10.

Installation Reactjs on Windows 10

Step 1: Install Node.js installer for windows 10. Click on this Node.js link. Once downloaded open NodeJS without disturbing other settings, click on Next button until it is completely installed

React, windows 10

Step 2: Open command prompt to check if it is installed completely or else type command

React, windows 10

node -v

Step 3: Now in the terminal run the below command:

npm install -g create-react-app  

React, windows 10

This will install the React app globally for you. run command to check everything well

create-react-app --version

React, windows 10

Step 4: Now create a new folder where you want to build your react app using the below command.

mkdir newfolder

Note: NewFolder in the above command is the name of the folder and can be anything.

React, windows 10

Move inside the same folder using the below command:

cd newfolder (your folder name)

React, windows 10

Step 5: Now inside this folder run the command –>

create-react-app reactfirst YOUR_APP_NAME

React, windows 10

Step 6: To start your app run the below command.

npm start

React, windows 10

Once you run the above command a new tab will open in your browser showing the React logo as shown below.

React, windows 10

Here, we are provided code sandbox links for the above program to download and install react js in windows 10. Then you can use whenever you went and do the changes as per your requirements.

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