Golang map string string example

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Today, we are going to create a map with their key and value both are in string type, here we will use the static typing concept to create a map.

First, we will define the map type key as a string and value as a string, so we have to write like below.

m := make(map[string]string)

After defining the map type we have to store some sample key values, let’s check how we can do it.

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    // here we are define map type
    m := make(map[string]string)

    m["k1"] = "First"
    m["k2"] = "Second"

    fmt.Println("map:", m)

When you run it, you will get map key values in your golang console, let’s check the output.

map string string, golang

Try it yourself

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