How to add bleed and crop marks in photoshop?

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This article will guide you to bleed and crop marks system in photoshop with example.

Table of contents

  • What is a bleed
  • Add a bleed in Photoshop
  • Canvas size
  • Add bleed marks and crop marks in Photoshop

What is a bleed ?

A bleed is the area on the outside of a document that is cut off after printing. Now that you know what a bleed is, let’s take a look at how you can add a bleed area in Photoshop.

Let’s start with the first step.

Step 1: Add a bleed in Photoshop

To get started, let’s add some guides around the edges of your image. Go to the Rulers (Control-R) and then go to View -> Snap To -> Document Bounds to make sure that new guides will snap to the image edges.

On click the top ruler and drag down a guide to the top edge of your image.

Photosop, Top, Rulers

The left ruler and drag a second guide to the left edge of your image.

Photosop, Top-left, Rulers

Using the same techniques, add another two sides.

Photosop, All, Side, Rulers

Step 2: Canvas size

To add a bleed in Photoshop, go to Image -> Canvas Size and set the units to millimeters. Open canvas size box, you can choose Width and Height values according to your image.

Photosop, Canvas, size

Canvas size effect and bleed

Photosop, Canvase, size, effact

Step 3: Add bleed marks and crop marks in Photoshop

Crop masks has started from here :-

Bleed marks or crop marks are the thin lines placed on the corners of a document to indicate where your document should be trimmed after printing.

Go to File -> Print and start by selecting Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer drop-down menu. Move to the Printing Marks section and check the Corner Crop Marks box, and then click the Bleed button from the Functions section and set the Width to 4 millimeters. Click OK and then the Print button to save your document as a PDF file.

Photosop, Printer, setup

Most important save PDF file

We never forgot to save the PDF file as .pdf.

Photosop, savepdf

Open your PDF file, and as you can see, your design comes with some neat crop marks.

Photosop, Document, pdf

Photosop, finalbleed

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