How to add catch light to eyes in photoshop?

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Here I am changing eye color, you can change any part.

Table of contents

  • Zoom in on the eyes
  • Select the lasso tool
  • Make a selection around the eyes
  • Add a hue/saturation adjustment layer

Photoshop, real-image

Step 1: Zoom in on the eyes

Let’s zoom in on the eyes to make it easier to see what we’re doing. Select the Zoom Tool from the Toolbar. To center the eyes on your screen after you’ve zoomed in, press the H key on your keyboard to switch to Photoshop’s Hand Tool, and then click and drag the image into position: Photoshop, Zoom

Step 2: Select the lasso tool

To change the eye color without affecting the rest of the image, we first need draw a selection around the eyes. Select the Lasso Tool from the Toolbar

Photoshop, Lasso-tool

Step 3: Make a selection around the eyes

Draw a selection around one of the eyes.

Photoshop, Select, Lasso, Tool

With the first eye selected, press and hold your Shift key. A small plus sign ( + ) appears in the lower right of your Lasso Tool cursor. Holding the Shift key tells Photoshop to add the selection you’re about to draw to the selection you’ve already drawn. Draw a selection around the second eye. Both eyes should now be selected:

Photoshop, Two, Eyes, Select

Step 4: Add a hue/saturation adjustment layer

To change the eye color, we’ll use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. In the Layers panel, click the New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon.

Photoshop, Color, Layer

Choose Hue/Saturation from the list.

Photoshop, Hue-Saturation

Step 5: Select the “Colorize” option

The controls and options for the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer appear in Photoshop’s Properties panel. Turn on the Colorize option by clicking inside its checkbox.

Photoshop, Properties

As soon as you select Colorize, the person’s eyes will turn red. Red is probably not the color you’re going for, so we’ll learn how to change it next.

Step 6: New eye color With the hue slider

To choose a different color for the eyes, drag the Hue slider

Photoshop, Hue-selecter

Step 7: The Saturation of the new color

Once you’ve chosen a new eye color with the Hue slider, drag the Saturation slider to the left to lower the intensity until the color looks more natural.

Photoshop, Saturation

When you follow the above steps then it will create catch light to eyes it will show in photoshop.

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