How to add circle border in photoshop?

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Table of contents

  • Created a new page
  • Use the ellipse tool
  • Fill the shape
  • Adjust the stroke width

Use Photoshop Outline Shape Tools

You can now use the various Photoshop outline selection tools to get the frame shape you want. But here I will use a circle border or outline.

Step 1: Created a new page.

In Photoshop, go up to the File menu in the Menu Bar, choose new, and then made new page.

To add a new page guide an article: How to add new page in photoshop?

Photoshop, Open, Image

Step 2: Use the ellipse tool

Select the ellipse Tool in the Toolbox to create a ellipse frame.

Photoshop, Ellipse, Tool

Choose the ellipse tool, click on the page, and pop-up Create Ellipse set the height and width as you like. then click on ok.

Photoshop, Create, Ellipse

Step 3: Fill the shape

Click the Fill menu in the Options bar. If you want to change the color of the circle you can select that here.

Photoshop, Fill, Color

Step 4: Adjust the stroke width

Click the Stroke Width menu. Specify a size for the border. Borders are centered on the shape’s outline so as you increase the width, the border may overlap the image you’re framing. If this happens, resize the border by dragging a corner.

Photoshop, Stroke

If you want only a border without a fill, Click the Stroke menu and select No color for the border. then your circle is transparent.

Photoshop, Transparent, Circle, border

Select on horizontal type tool and write.

Photoshop, Text

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