How to add circle in photoshop?

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Table of contents

  • Using the Ellipse Tool.
  • Free-transform.
  • Fill menu color.
  • Stroke Options.

Let’s start with the first step.

Step 1: Using the Ellipse Tool.

To begin, let’s choose the ellipse tool. This can be done by clicking on the icon depicted below located in the toolbar down the left side of the screen, or by hitting the U button on your keyboard.

Photoshop, Ellipse, Tool

select the ellipse tool, click on the page, then open the popup, ellipse change height width size as you like. Or
Change the size of the circle at any time after you drag it by changing the “Width” and “Height” in the options bar.

Photoshop, Width, Height

see the circle.

Photoshop, Circal

Step 2: Free-transform.

You can resize, go to the Edit menu, click Free Transform, and then Resize.

Photoshop, Free-transform

Maintain the size, Hold down the alt + shift key and drag the cursor over the canvas to a circle.

Photoshop, Alt+shift

Step 3: Fill menu color.

Change the color, click on the fill menu choose the color.

Photoshop, Change, Color

Click the “Stroke Options” menu in the Options bar to change the border color of the circle.

Photoshop, Circal, Out, Line, Color

Step 4: Stroke Options.

Click the Stroke Options menu in the Options bar to change the border of the circle from a straight line to a dashed line or a dotted line.

Photoshop, Out, Line, Doted

Change the border size, go to the top of options bar, and click on Set shape stroke width.

Photoshop, Out, Line, Width

To move the circle, select the Move Tool from the Toolbox and drag the circle where you want it.

When you follow the above steps then it will create circle it will show in photoshop.

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