How to add copyright symbol in photoshop?

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  • Select the “Custom Shape Tool”.
  • The Custom Shape gallery.
  • The “Fill” and “Stroke” menus.

Using Photoshop’s Copyright Symbol

To create a new document, select File -> New from the bar along the top of the screen before editing the settings in the window that comes up to customize the new file.

How to add new page in photoshop?

Step 1: Select the “Custom Shape Tool”.

Select the Custom Shape Tool in the Photoshop Toolbar. If it’s not visible, click and hold the shape tool that is visible, like the Rectangle Tool or Ellipse Tool, to reveal the Custom Shape Tool.

Photoshop, Shape, Tool

Step 2: The Custom Shape gallery.

Click the Shape menu on the right side of the Options bar to reveal the Custom Shape gallery. Scroll through the shapes, or expand the gallery’s window by dragging its corner. Click the Copyright Symbol.

Photoshop, Copyright

Step 3: The “Fill” and “Stroke” menus.

Click the Fill and Stroke menus in the Options bar to specify a color for the copyright symbol. Note that if you recently selected a color for another shape or font, it appears in the Recently Used Colors section of each menu. Drag the cursor over the canvas to draw the symbol, holding down the Shift key to preserve its aspect ratio.

Photoshop, Fill-stroke

When you follow the above steps then it will create copyright symboland it will show in photoshop.

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