How to add font in photoshop?

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This article will guide you to download fonts, load font, and use font in photoshop with example.

Table of contents

  • Download and install the font.
  • Use font in photoshop.
  • changes font.

Let’s start with the first step.

Step 1: Download and install the font.

Go to or similar site whitch offering downloadable fonts.


When you reach search your fonts and you will see lots of fonts. now, you select varios themes. write your font name in preview textfield then click on more options, click 100 %free and submit button


Choose your font name and ‘click on the’ Download button, double-click on the downloaded zip file.


Double-click on the extracted font file, and you will see the preview of the font, and click Extract to, open Extraction path and options then save the desktop and click ok.


Go to desktop Double-click on the civitype font.


Click Install at the top to install the font on your system.

Step 2:Use font in photoshop.

befour text

Restart Photoshop, and write now your new font name in font-list.

Step 3: changes font.


Your newly installed font is now able to use across all of your applications, and look at successful font change.

When you follow the above steps then it will add new fonts and will show on the fonts layer available on photoshop’s right side section.

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