How to add image in photopea?

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To add an image in photopea, Click on the File Menu and then click on open it will show Explorer, now you have to select which photo you want to use and click on the open option. the image will show in the photopea.

TIP: Instead of going File > open you can also use Ctrl + O

In this article, you will get step by step tutorial on Add Image in photopea, here are the steps which we are going to follow.

Table Of Content

  • Open Photopea
  • Create New Document
  • Import Image
  • Adjust Image Size & Position
  • Add Another Image
  • Save Image
  • Conclusion

Step 1: Open Photopea

To open photopea in your system, open your web browser and visit

Step 2: Create a New Document ( Optional )

Once you opened, you have to create a new project, to create a new project Click the New Project button, select your size, template, and background color, and click on the Create button.

Create New Document

Step 3: Import Image

Insert Image is very simple, you can click on File > open or you can press the Ctrl + O button after these you will see file explorer, Select your image, and click on the Open option.

Insert, Image

Step 4: Adjust Image Size & Position

To change the size of the image, and position of the image in photopea, you can use the transform tool, you will see Transform Tool right after inserting an image into photopea at the top. Click on it and then click on the image which you want to edit.

Transform, Image

After the changes to the image click the Tick icon to commit changes.

Commit, Image

Step 5: Add Another Image

To add another image to your current project File > Open & Place option it will add a new image to your current project, re-follow Step 4 To edit your image.

another, Image

Step 6: Save the Image

After your all changes when you want to save your image then you have to click File > Export and then select your desired extension and save your image.

Save, Image


When you follow the above steps you easily add images in photopea and not only add images, you will able edit your image, transform your image, and save your image.

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