How to append string in golang?

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Today, we will learn to concatenate strings in golang, here we use the + operator to concate strings like javascript “LOVE ICON”…

In the following example, we are creating three variables and using the + operator to append one after one and after that storing in a new str variable.

Here, we are also using ” ” ( space ) as a separator.

package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
    // Creating and initializing strings
    str1 := "Welcome"
    str2 := "To"
    str3 := "aGuideHub"
    str := str1 + " " + str2 + " " + str3;
    fmt.Println("String: ", str)

In the above code, we have just created three variables, use the + operator concate, and output in front of you.


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Try it yourself

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