How to check empty struct in golang?

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Today, we are going to learn how to check an empty struct in golang, here we will use some common syntax to struct is empty or not.

Here, we will take an example empty struct and not an empty struct and we apply conditions on both structs after that we will see the output.

In the following example, I’m going to create an empty struct variable, after that, I will put two if... else statements, the first one is empty and in the second I will put some data.

let’s write a code.

package main

import (

type Session struct {
	playerId  string
	beehive   string
	timestamp time.Time

func main() {
	session := Session{}
	if (Session{}) == session {
	} else {
		fmt.Println("Not empty")
	if (Session{playerId: "1"}) == session {
	} else {
		fmt.Println("Not empty")

As per expectation, it should print that the first one is empty, and the second one is not empty.

let’s check the output.

check, empty struct,golang

Try it yourself

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