How to check slice contains element in golang?

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Today, we will learn to check slice contains an element in golang, here we will write a custom function to check elements exist or not.

So, first, we will create the isContains function where we will iterate slice and compare every element.

Second, we will see how we can use our isContains custom function in code, where we will pass some parameters like slice, and value.

Let’s dive into code.

package main
import "fmt"

func isContains(s []string, str string) bool {
	for _, v := range s {
		if v == str {
			return true

	return false

func main() {
	s := []string{"infinitbility", "aguidehub", "notebility", "repairbility"}
	fmt.Println(isContains(s, "aguidehub")) // true
	fmt.Println(isContains(s, "notAvailable")) // false

When you run it you will so availability on boolean data true or false.


Try it yourself

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