How to get character in string golang?

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Today, we are going to get characters from a string in golang, here we will use basic built-in syntax to get a char from a string.

To get char from a string, you have to use the string() method, and pass your string as a parameter with your char index.

Take an example.

You have a hello string and if you want get their second char then you have to write like the below example.


Let check with complete example.

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    fmt.Println(string("Hello"[1]))              // ASCII only
    fmt.Println(string([]rune("Hello, 世界")[1])) // UTF-8
    fmt.Println(string([]rune("Hello, 世界")[8])) // UTF-8

You will get index char in your golang console, let check the output.

Let’s see actual output of the code.

get, character in string, golang

Try it yourself

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