How to insert image in photoshop on top of the background?

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Let’s start by learning how to insert images in Photoshop on top of backgrounds in a single Photoshop document.

Table of contents

  • Open both images.
  • Open the photoshop with your original background.
  • Magnetic Lasso Tool.
  • Free transform.
  • Change your background.

Step 1: Open both images.

open both images in photoshop, go to the File menu, click open, then select your image.

To learn how to add images in Photoshop?

Both image

Step 2: Open the photoshop with your original background.

Open the image you want to put on top of the background using photoshop. Now there are two tabs in photoshop.


Step 3: Magnetic Lasso Tool.

Select the Magnetic Lasso Tool, click on your image, and select your image.

Magnetic, lasso, tool

On the tab of the image you need to place above the background, drag its layer and drop it on the background tab.

Drag, and, drop

Step 4: Free transform

Use the Hand tool to position the layer wherever you want, resizing it if necessary using the Free Transform tool Ctrl +T. Grab the handles on the corners or sides of the images and drag inwards to make it smaller. Hold the Alt+Shift key to keep the aspect ratio the same.

free, transform

Step 5: Change your background.

Click OK and you’re done. Save your file in the PSD format to preserve all the layer information. With the foreground, background, and original image all on separate layers, your file remains fully editable

Change, background

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