How to install camera raw plugin in photoshop cs6?

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The Adobe Camera Raw plug-in has become a must-have tool for professional photographers since its release.

Table of contents

  • Download and install the camera raw.
  • To change Zip file into Extract to file.

Let’s start with the first step.

Step 1: Download and install the camera raw.

Installing Presets in Adobe Camera Raw 10.5+ (Windows) Navigate to the following location on your computer: Camera raw plugin and leave this window open.

Photoshop, Camera-raw-plugin

When the Camera Raw plugin page is open, you will find several versions so you will get 10_5 have to click on.

Photoshop, Camera_10_5_win

Click on CameraRaw 105 winzip, double-click on the downloaded zip file.

Photoshop, Downloed-zip

Step 2: To change Zip file into Extract to file.

Double-click on the extracted CameraRaw105 file, and click Extract to, open Extraction path and options then save the desktop and click ok.

Photoshop, Extract-to

Go to Desktop Double-click on the CameraRaw.

Photoshop, CameraRaw

Click on Install button.

Photoshop, Install

Installing CameraRaw.

Photoshop, Extact-file

Click on Finish button.

Photoshop, Finish

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