How to make background transparent in photoshop?

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Table of contents

  • Add a new image
  • Select the magic wand tool
  • Delete the background
  • Deselect the selection

Let’s start with the first step.

Step 1: Add a new image

Open your image in Photoshop. Most likely, it’ll be in a .JPG format. For this example, we’ll use an image of a bird taken against a white background.

Photoshop, Bird, Image

Open your Layers panel. By default, this panel rests to the right of your image window, but if you don’t see it you can access it by clicking on Window -> Layers from the dropdown menu at the top of the application window.

Photoshop, Layer, Select

In the Layers panel, double-click on the background layer. A new layer dialog box asking you to rename the layer will appear. You can leave this as the default Layer 0, and click OK.

Photoshop, Layer-name

Step 2: Select the magic wand tool

Select the Magic wand tool from the Toolbar on the left-hand side of the application window.You will see the selection as marching ants surrounding the selection.

Photoshop, Magic

Step 3: Delete the background

Once you have just your product selected, select the inverse by typing shift+ctrl+i or by choosing select -> inverse from the dropdown menu at the top of the application window.

Photoshop, Inverse

Step 4: Deselect the selection

Press the key ctrl + d and your selection will be deselected

Photoshop, Ctrl+d

With your inverse (background) selected, type backspace . Your background will now be transparent. In Photoshop, a transparent background is represented with a gray and white checkerboard pattern.

Photoshop, Final, Image

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