How to resize an image in photoshop?

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Let’s start by learning how to add resize an image to the same Photoshop document.

Table of contents

  • Choose Image -> Image Size.
  • Document size.

Step 1: Choose Image -> Image Size.

you can resize the image go to Image menu click on image size(alt+ctrl+i) A new window will open.

Image, size

Step 2: Document size.

Go to image menu -> click on image size

Check that the resolution is no lower than 200 pixels/inch, however 300 pixels/inch is ideal for printing. Input the width and height you desire. If your original image has different proportions than your desired print size, it will be necessary to crop your image after resizing it (see below). Click on ok.

Document, size

Finally your image is resized

Resize, image

It will resize an image in photoshop when you follow the above steps.

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